Easing Your Body Back Into Spring

Easing Your Body Back Into Spring

Easing Your Body Back Into Spring

“At last!” I hear you all exclaim, the rain has stopped, and there is a strange light in the sky, to remind you all that it is the color blue, not grey, and the yellow thing with a bit of heat to it is the sun!

So as the trees push out their leaves, reminding us of how wonderful green is compared to brown, the garden gloves, riding gloves, and even golf gloves may be being dusted off. With a vigor unknown over the last few dark months, patients everywhere are off to the garden or out to the roads or golf courses of our beautiful land.

Before you dive headfirst into your favorite activities, it’s crucial to heed this cautionary note. Your body is a wise advisor-listen to it. Ease back into your routines. Remember, the joy of these activities releases endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers. But be warned, overdoing it can lead to days of soreness and pain.

Consider your fitness levels over the last few months and how much more you are going to do in comparison. When you finish, stretch those muscles. Have a look at the website for a basic stretching routine.

Have fun and enjoy whatever you are up to, with the wonder of spring cursing through our active veins!

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