Happy Birthday Osteopathy

Happy Birthday Osteopathy On June 22nd 1874 Andrew Taylor Still proclaimed the creation of Osteopathy. Happy 150th Birthday Osteopathy. He described it thus, “…on June 22nd, 1874, like a burst of sunshine the whole truth dawned on my mind, that I was gradually approaching a science by study, research, and observation that would be a […]

Easing Your Body Back Into Spring

Easing Your Body Back Into Spring

Easing Your Body Back Into Spring “At last!” I hear you all exclaim, the rain has stopped, and there is a strange light in the sky, to remind you all that it is the color blue, not grey, and the yellow thing with a bit of heat to it is the sun! So as the […]

150 Years Of Osteopathy

150 Years Of Osteopathy

Contact Us Book Online 150 Years Of Osteopathy 2024 marks the one hundredth and fiftieth anniversary of the creation of Osteopathy by the first osteopath Andrew Taylor Still. He was a physician and surgeon, author, inventor and was a state and territorial legislator for Kansas in the USA. Through work he was encouraged to set […]

Hygge – A Sense Of Coziness


Contact Us Book Online Hygge – A Sense Of Coziness November moves into December and the weather outside is grey, the clouds heavy, regularly letting go of their burden sometimes with spectacular haste and sometimes with gentle softness. In Denmark they have a word Hygge which is a sense of coziness with simple things and […]

How Do We Maintain Our Cognitive Reserve

How Do We Maintain Our Cognitive Reserve

Contact Us Book Online How Do We Maintain Our Cognitive Reserve Of the over 7 trillion brain cells that make up the average brain, research has just shown that there are over 3313 different types of brain cells (Science, doi.org/gsvjpx). We are learning more and more about this amazing structure. We are blessed we are […]

Keeping Your Body Hydrated

Keeping Your Body Hydrated, Water intake

Contact Us Book Online Keeping Your Body Hydrated Summer is finally with us; the Northeasterly wind that has been keeping the cold in our bones this year has hopefully now left us for a while! Summer brings the heat, and it is important to remember that we are 65% ish made up of water. Our […]

How Can I Walk If I Have Pain

How can I walk if I have pain

Contact Us Book Online How Can I Walk If I Have Pain We now move into the beautiful part of the year when life is around us everywhere. The trees have pushed out their leaves, and there is blossom in the air. So that is why now is the ideal time to get out with […]

Standing On One Leg

Standing On One Leg

Contact Us Book Online Standing On One Leg Can you stand on one leg and move the leg around without losing your balance? Can you sit on the floor and get up without using your hands to assist you in getting up? Can you squat, keeping your feet flat on the ground? These are seemingly […]

Taking Care Of Your Body

Taking Care Of Your body....

Contact Us Book Online Taking Care Of Your body So 2023, a new year is upon us.  Christmas has come and gone and inevitably most of us have eaten and drunk far too much.  As an Osteopath this time of year we hear many patients express the desire to get fitter in the New Year.  […]

Christmas Back Care

Christmas Back Care....

Contact Us Book Online Christmas Back Care We always see a few people over Christmas with bad backs and considering Osteopathic philosophy these fall into three broad reasons.  Biomechanics – the body has most problems when we are used to doing very little and we do a lot or when we are used to doing […]